Our partners

Although like most companies we have our list of preferred vendors that we work with. Unlike other companies if you have a preference for Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM/Lenovo, custom built PC’s we are happy to resell and support you with what works for you.

We sell, service and support all Acer commercial products, including Acer Desktops, Laptops and support. Acer are one of the few top of the line vendors who have customisation and builds for their machines in Australia.

Our preferred small to medium network provider. Dlink have great value and support in Australia and haven’t let us down. We’ve also been able to work with Dlink on large deployments and key customers to provide project pricing.

For top of the line security of networks, everything from your Network Router through to your endpoint and anti-ransomware, Sophos solutions are integrated, effective and able to deal with threats like no other vendor can. One of the best features of Sophos products is heart-beat where only computers with active security software running on their machine can access the internet and other devices.. if device is infected, all other devices and access to the internet is cut off.

Solarwinds has been our MSP partner for many years. This has allowed us to stay ahead of the market by partnering with the number one MSP provider in the world. Because we are a perpetual long-standing customer, we can provide to our customers full control of their IT assets including computers, mobile devices and printers. We encourage our SLA customers to have access to this tool and use it for themselves.

As a Microsoft Partner, including CSP, we are able to take over and manager your Office 365 billing and provide Open License programs for our Commercial and not for profit customers.

For customers who need specific solutions for local backup and recover of services. We Backup Exec full version, customers with poor bandwidth and limited upload may still prefer to use a Tape drive. DBM continue support this very robust and secure way of backing up data. We also support System recovery, to provide rapid recovery of Desktops and Servers.

For the most widely supported and easy to manage AV solution in the world. We continue to use this for many customers which complex, multi-vendor software support needs where Symantec is indicated or preferred. We can support on premise Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager or SMSE deployments, as well as Symantec Exchange and mail Gateway deployments. If possible we can also deploy your AV through Symantec. Cloud solutions.

For Small to Medium wireless networks or wireless bridge solutions.

Whitebox “Grunt Solutions” – We continue to build custom to order PC’s specific to your requirements We typically work with Intel CPU’s, Gigabyte or ASUS Motherboards and Graphics Cards including NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro lines, Crucial RAM and SSD solutions, Western Digital Hard Drives and Antec/Corsair cases and power supplies.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer several custom wireless, ethernet and NBN solutions. We have on many times been able to deliver high speed internet to locations on the Central Coast previously thought of as impossible eg: Somersby Industrial. We also partnered with a hosted voice provider 1-Cloud to provide cost effective hosted PBX / hosted voice solutions.