Longest established IT company on the Coast

Digital Business Management is the longest running and most well established IT companies on the Central Coast of NSW

Specialised IT Professionals

Our consultants are specialised IT problem solvers that allow them to work across many industries. DBM supports business solutions for agriculture, aged care, and many retail establishments.

Support packages to suit your business

We provide full server, communications, ERP, networking, security, internet, broadband and cabling services. DBM offers a range of service agreements. From fully managed contracts to casual “on call” without a monthly retainer.

On Call from just $143 per hour

  • Full Server Support
  • Communications
  • ERP
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Internet
  • Broadband Services
  • Cabling Services
  • On Call Services

What our customers say

Martin and William are like part of the company. They look after all our computers and internet for our business and home.

CatherineCustomer since 1998

Thank you William so much for all your hard work over the years it’s been great to work with you and get to know you.

Could you also pass this on to all at JDC please as your company has always been a huge support and very responsive to our needs. Very much appreciated.

HazelCustomer since 2015

Always friendly and helpful. Love working with William and Mark.

I would recommend them to any business who would like personal and professional support.

MarkCustomer since 2003

DBM guys are the best. I have continue to use them in my previous role as CEO and in my current role.

You can rely on them to answer the phone and jump on and take ownership of the problems.

They are the best.

MatthewCustomer since 1998

Just to let you know that since your intervention last Friday, I’ve encountered no further problems.

So, like your earlier forays, your intervention a godsend!

MichaelCustomer since 2000

Thank you to the team and Digital Business Management. They are always responsive to our needs and very friendly to work with.

I have worked with them in my current role as CEO and in my previous role as CEO of other companies and would recommend them to any CEO would like someone to take ownership and resovle their IT issues.

PeterCustomer since 2015

Thank to you William and the team. Always on the ball.

SimonCustomer since 1996

Real support by real people

DBM excels in the role of representing your business any IT capacity. We integrate computers, phone systems, mobile devices, all internal communications as well as retail POS.