Fully managed services tailored to your needs.

IT Packages

Fully Managed Services Tailored to your needs 

Over the years Digital BM have developed several fully managed service contracts. A fully managed contract to us is ‘anything you need’. This typically includes level 1-2 support for your accounting/ERP software, building and maintaining a log of calls and helping to manage your assets for you.

Typically in fully managed, a flat fee includes all normal and scheduled after hours work.


Gold SLA

For customers who need guaranteed 4 hours on-site support. These customers have in-house server(s) or hypervisor that needs to be managed and monitored with weekly checks by technicians. Typically gold SLA contracts are around $1,000 ex gst per month. All labour is discounted.

Silver SLA

For customers who want a same day response time and have less complex needs. Servers are on a single site. Typically, silver contracts are $500 ex gst per month.

Bronze SLA

For customers who no longer have servers on site and use our cloud products such as Office 365. These customers want a response time and have specific conditions for their company to be operational.


For business customers who just want to pay as they go for support. Our base rate is $143 inc gst per hour and support is charged at a minimum of half hour increments ($71.50).